Aquaguard Booster Ultra Violet UV Water Purifier


Rs. 7,320

  • Unique E-Boiling+
  • Electrical Water Purifier
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Voltage Stabilizer: In-built
  • Environment Protection
  • Intelligent Purity Sensor System
  • Environment Protection
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Electrical Purifier

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Product Description

Water is an essential component of life. In order to maintain good health, it is important to drink pure water. So get this water purifier from Aquaguard and ensure that your family gets pure and safe drinking water. It comes with a low TDS and a booster pump that makes it ideal for places with no running water or low pressure. 

Four Purification Stages

This water purifier comes with four purifications stages that eliminate disease-causing bacteria, virus, protozoa and other impurities from the water.

UV Technology

This water purifier uses ultra-violet rays to purify the water. The water thus filtered is safe, protects your family and offers the cleanest water for drinking as well as cooking.

E-boiling+ Technology

This unique technology ensures that every drop of water you drink is pure and as safe as boiled water for 20 minutes.

Intelligent Purity Sensor

The Intelligent Purity Sensor of this purifier continuously scans the water to ensure its purity.

Auto Shut-off

This feature automatically turns off the UV lamp if the purifier is not used for 10 minutes, thereby saving you electricity and also the life of the UV lamp.

Mineral Guard+

This feature prevents scaling of the quartz glass tube and also ensures that minerals and nutrients are retained in water.

43W Power Consumption

This water purifier consumes 43 watts of power, which makes it eco-friendly and energy-efficient as well. The in-built voltage stabilizer ensures that the purifier works even during power fluctuations or low voltage situations. 

Other Convenience Features: Filtration / Purification Modules: Clarity Cartridge, Chemical Block, Mineral Guard, UV Chamber, Ultraviolet Lamp: 8 W, Life of UV Lamp: 5000 Burning Hours

Installation & Demo Details: Standard installation is provided free of cost.
After delivery of your Water Purifier, you will receive a ticket number via message. Post that, you will receive a call from the brand service engineer to schedule a mutually convenient time to provide inst

Additional Features: Leak Proof Performance,Safe and Reliable,Mineral Guard+: Micro Controller Based Electronic Impulse Producer Prevents Scaling on the Quartz Glass Tube of the UV Reflector Housing,Input Water Iron: 0.3 mg/L,Applicable TDS Range in Input Water: 1 – 200 mg/L,Complete 4 Stage Purification System: This Advanced Purification System Destroys Disease Causing Bacteria,Input Water Turbidity: 15 NTU,Viruses,Plus More,Booster Pump: 230 V AC,Keeping Water Purifier Functioning Effectively,Recommended for Municipal / Corporation / Sweet Tasting Water,Unique E-Boiling+: Every Drop of Water Boiled for 20 min,It also Has a Unique SMPS System and an In-built Water Pressure Enhancer,Protozoa and other Impurities,Global UV Technology of G.RO.UV.TH that Electronically Boils Wate

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