Bionaire BAP1550W Portable Table Top Air Purifier


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Features of Bionaire Air Purifier # BAP1550W
• Power : 58 Watts
• Hepa type filters removes up to 99% of particles as small as 2 micron
• Help to reduce Pollen, Dust, Pet dander, Mould spores & Organic fumes, Tobacco smoke,
• Enclose with 2 Hepa Type Filter
• 3 fan speed with ionizer
• Filter Indication Light to replace filter
• Filter need to replace every 4 to 6 month depending on air quality & Usage.
• Do not attempt to wash and re-use the filters.
• Ionizer function light & On-off Light indicator
• Remote control function
• Ideal Room size capacity – 320 sq.ft.

Description of Bionaire Air Purifier # BAP1550W

Air Purifiers helps provide a pure and comfortable environment for your family. They effectively remove common airborne contaminates like dust, pollen, mould and pet dander from air passing through the filter.
In constant pursuit of pure living solutions, the Bionaire brand has developed advanced technology to help home owners find a balance between air-tight construction and clean, healthy indoor air. With sleek and attractive designs, Bionaire air purifiers can improve the air quality in your home.

Air purifiers (also known as air cleaners) remove odours and common airborne pollutants from the environment by drawing air through a filter system. Bionaire Air Purifiers are 99% efficient in removing particles larger than 2 microns in size passing through the filter.

How the product works

Air Purifiers draw air into the unit using a fan. In some models, the air first passes through a pre-filter, which traps larger airborne particles. Then, the air passes through a high-efficiency True HEPA or HEPA-Type filter, which captures airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns.
Replaceable HEPA-Type filter and HEPA-Type carbon filters are 99% efficient in removing particles larger than 2 microns in size passing through the filter.

To enhance effectiveness, some air purifiers come equipped with an Ionizer* option. The Ionizer setting releases negatively charged ions into the air, which join with small positively charged particles such as dust, dander and pollen to form larger particles that are more easily trapped by the HEPA filter.

With proper maintenance, regular use of an air purifier will help reduce airborne pollutants in your home, resulting in better air quality and a more pure home environment – enhancing personal comfort and well being.
The size of airborne particles that an air purifier can capture is measured in microns. A micron is approximately 1/25400th of an inch. Particles that are 10 microns or less are not visible to the naked eye.
The air you breathe can make your healthy or unhealthy. If you give priority to your life, then bring home the Bionaire Air Purifier BAP1550W. The Bionaire air purifier purifies air up to 99 percent so that the air you breathe is almost pure. It removes smoke, dust particles, pollen up to 2 microns while the Ionizer traps positively charged particles such as smoke, dust or pollen by releasing negative ions. If you are suffering from respiratory problems including allergies and asthma, this is highly recommended for you as it has the recommendation of doctors. Equipped with HEPA type filters, the air purifier will remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 mm from the air that passes through and let you breathe clean and hygienic air.

Warranty Service Type: On-site service, customer needs to call the nearby authorized service center, service engineer will come to the site to get the product repaired or inspected.

Not Covered in Warranty: Warranty does not cover any external accessories (such as battery, cable, carrying bag), damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer.

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