HDE A-83 Portable Compact Air Purifier


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Ozonizer cum ionizer keeps fresh,sterlization,disinfection and deodorization. It gives better result for washing fish,meat and food with longer fresh keeping time. It cleans vegetable and fruit, eliminates residue pesticide and toxic chemical substances. It cleans stocked rice, removes rice bran and cancer inducing substances and asperguillus. It cleans table wares and cooking utensils, disinfects and sterlizes, preventing cross contamination. It makes oxygen rich beautification and skin improvement, risnses mouth for cleaning teeth and remove stain, washes face and remove acnes form face. It extremely purifies the air and removes toxic substances including the bacteria, lampblack and odours. Besides they help to reduce blood pressure,intensify blood vessel’s, capillary action, promote gastric secretion.

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