Panasonic F-VXF35MAU(D) Portable Compact Air Purifier


Rs. 18,996

  • Applicable Area= 26 sq m (280 sq ft)!!PM2.5 Filtration!!Odor Removal

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Introducing Panasonic Unique Nanoe TechnologyPanasonic has developed a technology that produces nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles otherwise known as Nano-e. this considerably helps improve air quality and living.Its effectiveness of bacteria removal depends on the number of OH radical, which is generated at the rate of 480 billion per second. OH radical possesses the characteristics of removing hyderogen from viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens. Therefore, the more the OH radical, the higher the effectiveness of the anti-virus power.Action of Nanoe particles on dust/pollution particleA nanoe device can release readicals in water molecules which increase the effectiveness of bacteria and odor removal. Since nanoe is generated from moisture in the air, it will not wear out the device. Thus, periodical replacement of device is not necessary.Advantages of Nanoe TechnologyLong Life – 6 times longer lifespan than normal ion. Nanoe contains moisture around 1,000 times more than minus ion. Being wrapped in water molecules, it has a longer lifespan and is able to retain its effectiveness even after travelling for a long distance.Water-originated nanoe comes from condensed moisture in the air so that water replenshment for nanoe generation is not requiredMicroscopic Scale – only one – billionth of the volume size of a steam particle. Nanoe is much smaller than steam that can deeply pernetrate into cloth fabrics to restrain dirt.Anti-virus / bacteria – Inhibit 99.9% viruses (H1N1) and (H5N1) and 99.99% bacteria (Escherichia Coli O157, MRSA)Deodorization – Reduce 90% odor (tabacco smell) after 30 minutesSkin Hydration – Helps keep the moisture back to the skin. After 30 minutes nanoe gets attached on the sebum and form membranes on the skin to prevent the loss of moisture. Skin is hydrated that improves the keratin and keeps the skin fresh and moisturized.Super Alleru-buster can inhibit certain kinds of allergen up to 99% by surrounding and restraining the allergens with the phenolic polymer.House Dust Catcher – Usually, various types of pollutants apper to different positions between the ceiling and the floor in the room. In response, the 3D circlulation airflow is divided into two modes – “Upward Airflow” and “Front Airflow” to remove pollutants acordingly.

Other Performance Features: Humidifying Function : Yes!!Odour Sensor : Yes!!Filter Life (Years) : 3

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